On the seasons of life

As I sit here in Seattle, I’m reflecting on the near-perfect weather and the natural beauty that exemplifies the Pacific Northwest at this time of year. It’s a welcome contrast to hurricane season in Miami.

I feel privileged to have the option of exploring different parts of the country for a couple of months every year, in what is essentially a more sustainable (and hopefully indefinite) continuation of the nomadic journey Aleesha and I began in 2020.

The recent shift in my surroundings and accompanying change in weather has nudged me to consider something deeper—the seasons of life; those metaphorical summers, autumns, winters, and springs that we cycle through on each of our journeys through life.

Summers mirror the periods of our lives that are full of abundance, joy, and dynamic activity. Everything seems to flow as we’re in the midst of peak experiences, pushing ourselves to the edges of our comfort zone.

Autumn, or fall, represents a time of harvest and transition. It’s the times when we get to reap the rewards of past efforts while engaging in slow and quiet reflection about what might come next.

Winters are marked by rest and inner toiling. Just as the world slows down, we find ourselves seeking solace in rest, delving into the kind of difficult inner work that helps us shed unhelpful identities and harmful narratives.

Finally, spring ushers in the magic of new beginnings and growth. It represents the phase of rejuvenation in our lives, where we spring back with excitement, refreshed and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Unlike bad weather we may be inclined to escape physically, these seasons in our life demand our full attention and participation. And they should, because that’s how we deepen our understanding of ourselves.

Each season of life serves a unique and irreplaceable role. There’s nothing inherently negative about any of them. They are simply different facets of our existence, each contributing to our personal growth.

Personally, I find myself on the cusp of winter and spring. Over the last few months, I’ve had much-needed time to rest and reflect. It’s not always been easy, but I’m certainly getting to know myself better. I’ve been able to explore several creative projects while being thoughtful and intentional about figuring out the appropriate place of work in my life. I don’t have all the answers yet, but I can sense that I’m moving in a direction I’m excited about.

Perhaps most importantly, I’m learning to truly embrace the changing seasons of life and recognizing that many more such cycles lie ahead. I look forward to them.